English is not just a language these days; it is a stylish global handshake saying more than words do about you. Effectively secure your welcome abroad by mastering it!

Find out which of our following courses interest you most: 

1. Oral and Written English Presentation. We are helping you with every aspect of oral or written English presentation—strategy, tactics, contents, delivery, Q&A, damage control, lasting impact, etc. The course includes considerations of critical thinking, optimal articulation, interpersonal dynamics, psychology and ethics masterfully combined to give you the edge in effectiveness. A must for professionals who want to make an impressive statement about themselves in exigent circles. The first five sessions cover both the oral and the written versions of presentation, being designed to inform the choice you might have between them. The last five sessions highlight the specificity of each system of communication and complete your basic training. Expect lots of practical involvement, as in our workshops the theory gets quickly put to work for reaping maximal benefits.

2. Tap into the English Media. Why spend on fish instead of on learning how to fish? There is plenty of valuable information ‘swimming’ for free in the international English media and apt to support your intellectual growth. In our sixteen-session course we cover the basic vocabulary, sentence structures and news-style delivery for the main areas of public interest—politics, crime, weather forecast and natural disasters, business and finance, technology, entertainment, medicine and health care, as well as sports. We give you the basic analytic and linguistic tools to keep abreast of the latest international developments, thus enabling you subsequently to engage in unaided self-learning. What is it to understand an informative message? Who did what to whom, why, when, where and how? Through intensive Q&A exchanges, you will be empowered to make sense of, and critically relate to, the latest international developments.

3. International Investment Explorations. At the current stage of capitalism, willy-nilly we are all investors. Although we cannot guarantee you handsome financial gains as such, we do the next best thing, which is enable you to explore lucrative international contexts for financial investment. Brush up on your financial English and get valuable knowledge in the process by joining us for a ten-stage journey around the financial world. Learn hands-on-the-job how to use key concepts in finance and share with others your opinions on specific cases. We clarify, analyze, comment, question and vigorously joke about the promises contained in short professional videos on hot financial destinations. Guaranteed solid gains in knowledge and fun!

4. Tourism English. An ancient saying from along the Silk Road likens good traveling companions to water in the desert. If so, why not get your presence even more bubbly and refreshing? For people in the tourism industry we have the perfect ten-week package to master the basics of English communication. Learn to address the needs, interests and desires of those who travel mostly for enjoyment. And be yourself one of their most enjoyable encounters by mastering the linguistic skills required to provide a memorable welcome. Conversely, use the same knowledge from the other end in order to maximize your comfort when traveling abroad.

5. English for Government Officials. With tourism come specific responsibilities toward the visitors. A concise, efficient, entirely practice-oriented English course designed to deal with ten major types of situations where official intervention is usually needed: issuing or requesting documents, conducting investigations, soliciting cooperation from witnesses, offering directions, handling emergencies, conveying warnings, making sense of a confusing situation, explaining a special procedure, breaking traumatic news, or assisting foreign victims of natural disasters. The expectations of visitors from abroad need to be understood and put in a context before being dealt with; our easy English course provides the minimal tools for precisely such efficient, culturally sensitive and mutually fulfilling exchanges.

6. Conducting International Negotiations. Everything is negotiable unless otherwise stated. If you know how to formulate it, an abrupt ‘no’ can be turned into a promise of future cooperation and possible agreement. Join us for a ten-week inquiry about the basic strategies, dynamics, crises, risks, damage control and not least resumption of negotiations. Learn to analyze the demands of business partners and to match them with your most advantageous responses. “The good general wins with a mere frown,” thought Sun Tzu; if so, imagine how much better for your skin it would be to convey this threat in optimally chosen, wisely measured words. Expect subtle considerations of cultural sensitivity, psychology, semiotics, intersubjective dynamics, and sustainability to spice up and give depth even to your silences.

7. Woo Your Multinational Employer. This course teaches you how to make the most of your talents and professional skills in a recruitment process supposed to culminate with a job interview. We examine in detail the various steps in the selection process and teach you how to present yourself optimally across various media—from the banal photo affixed to a job application form to the cover letter, the phone calls, the written correspondence and all the way to the job interview that seals the fate of your candidature. We show you how recruiters think about and read you in order to ensure you give yourself the best chances when applying. Moreover, we effectively assist you with a multidirectional improvement aimed at landing you the coveted position.

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