3. Retail Sales Management

Professional Training Program on
Retail Sales Management
with participation certificate
15-16 March 2018
1. Program's Objectives/Expectation:                              
(What is the importance of this training? / Why should you attend this course?)
Learn the Skills and Techniques of Customer-Centric Selling. Learn the same skills we teach in our full-day sales seminar. With Voice-Over, Learning Interactions, Practice Scenarios and Quizzes You Will be Sure To Increase Your Results!
Focus Points
·         Understanding your customer’s psychological resistance to salespeople
·         Discovering the motivation that causes people to buy from you
·         “Must-ask” questions that cause customers to open up
·         Simple techniques for reducing returns
·         Engaging customers in comfortable conversation that avoids the “I’m just looking” syndrome
·         Product theatre: the fine art of presenting merchandise with eloquence and emotion
2. Program's Content:
(What this training program includes?)
·         Customer Profiles
·         Customer, product, service and profit chain
·         Preparing to Sell
·         Greeting and Building Rapport
·         Identifying Customer Needs
·         Presentation and Motivating Your Customer to Buy
·         Cross-sell and upsell other products and services
·         Closing the Sale
·         Overcoming Stalls and Objections
·         Follow-up & Building Your Business
·         Building Your Basket & Adding-on
·         Values of Customer Service 
3. Target Audience:
(Who is this training program for? / Who should attend the program?)
·         Sales Manager
·         Assistant Manager
·         Retail Managers
4. Programs Language:
5. About Trainer
Ali Ihtiyar, PhD
Dr. Ihtiyar's area of specialism, as described it: Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Macro Marketing and Communications. Within these fields, he focuses on inter/intra cultural phenomena, leadership and management, religion, ethnicity, music, technology, design and social media. After more than ten years experience in various levels of Retailing in England, New Zealand, Turkey and Malaysia, he graduated from Istanbul University Business School in Turkey (MSc) and University Technology of Malaysia in Malaysia (PhD). Till today, he participated several academic international and national conferences, seminars, courses and training programmes in marketing management. Furthermore, his publications appear in well know marketing journals, such as Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistic and Services Marketing Quarterly.
6. Duration and Program Schedule
2 Days (6 hours)
7. Training Program Includes
(What will be included with the training program?)
·  Each day one time of refreshment
·  Participation Certificate / Training Certificate
·  Documents
8. Completion Rules
It is necessary to participate in the whole program to receive the participation certificate.
9. Program Fee
- Registering paid is 100 USD per person
- Excluded VAT 10%
- Special discount for corporate group registration
10. Registration Deadline: 10th March 2018
11. Registration Information
Phone: +855 23 996 111 ;  +855 17 996 111
Address: Zaman University, No:8, st:315, Boeng Kak 1, TK, Phnom Penh