2. Retailing Essentials

Professional Training Program on
Ret​ailing Essentials
with participation certificate
08-09 March 2018
1. Course Overview
Course Overview The course will consist of a combination of interactive discussions, practical exercises based in real retailers and lectures led by a retail industry expert. It will help you understand more about how retailers think, act and run their business and ensure that you sell and market more effectively in the retail segment.
2.Program's Objectives/Expectation:                               
(What is the importance of this training? / Why should you attend this course?)
• To provide a complete understanding of the key retail industry trends and drivers,
• Describe the application systems infrastructure for major retailers and how it varies by retail sector,
• To describe the different retail formats and their characteristics,
• To review the key elements of a retailer’s financial statements,
• Identify who to approach in a retail organisation about potential opportunities,
• To describe the main retail processes of buying merchandising, store operations, marketing and supply chain,
• Analyse desk research to develop an approach.
3. Program's Content:
(What this training program includes?)
·         Retailing Culture
·         The Retail Landscape
·         Retail Categories
·         What Influences Retail Success?
·         Store optimization
·         Creating Attractive and Productive Store Atmoshpere
·         Retailers Compete
·         What makes a Great Retail Team Member?
·         Retail People and Positions
·         The Retail Business Cycle
·         Product and service categories
·         The Importance of Planning and the Retail Calendar
·         The Shopping Experience
4. Target Audience:
(Who is this training program for? / Who should attend the program?)
·         Sales Manager
·         Assistant Manager
·         Retail Managers
5. Programs Language:
6. About Trainer
Ali Ihtiyar, PhD
Dr. Ihtiyar's area of specialism, as described it: Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Macro Marketing and Communications. Within these fields, he focuses on inter/intra cultural phenomena, leadership and management, religion, ethnicity, music, technology, design and social media. After more than ten years experience in various levels of Retailing in England, New Zealand, Turkey and Malaysia, he graduated from Istanbul University Business School in Turkey (MSc) and University Technology of Malaysia in Malaysia (PhD). Till today, he participated several academic international and national conferences, seminars, courses and training programmes in marketing management. Furthermore, his publications appear in well know marketing journals, such as Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistic and Services Marketing Quarterly.
7. Duration and Program Schedule
2 Days (6 hours)
8. Training Program Includes
(What will be included with the training program?)
·  Each day one time of refreshment
·  Participation Certificate
·  Documents
9.Completion Rules
It is necessary to participate in the whole program to receive the participation certificate.
10. Program Fee
- Registering paid is 100 USD per person
- Excluded VAT 10%
- Special discount for corporate group registration
11. Registration Deadline: 28th February 2018
12. Registration Information
Phone: +855 23 996 111 ;  +855 17 996 111
Address: Zaman University, No:8, st:315, Boeng Kak 1, TK, Phnom Penh