10. Introduction to Internet

Professional Training Program on
Introduction to Internet
with participation certificate
21-22 April 2018
1. Programs Objectives/Expectation:                              
(What is the importance of this training? / Why should you attend this course?)
Internet is the biggest world-wide communication network of computers. Millions of networks that connected together are capable to support the flow of billions of bits. The World Wide Web is one of its biggest services. There is no denial to the fact that the Internet has not only gave us the chance to be more free, but it has physically improved our lives. With a simple click of your mouse you can order anything online, or you can check the best airfare for your next business trip. Or why not, you can learn how to prepare your favorite cake or get some tips on how to fix your computer. Internet made us capable to communicate with everyone at any time. Any business, from a little shop to a multinational company uses a website to attract, promote or offer its services. Nowadays, knowing how to use Internet means to have power for your life, career or business and for this reason it is important to learn how to handle this such interesting and wide world.
After completing this course every participant will have acquired the basis about networks and Internet. He/she will have strong basic knowledge about IP address, Routing, Home and Enterprises Internet connections, Internet Architecture. Additionally, he/she will have acquired the skills to create an online working Website.
2. Programs Content:
(What this training program includes?)
·         Module-1: Networks and Internetwork
·         Module-2: Internet, IP protocol, Routing
·         Module-3: How to create a website and tips
·         Module-4: Laboratory session
3. Target Audience:
(Who is this training program for? / Who should attend the program?)
·         Students in the IT field
·         Everyone interested in understanding Internet
·         Everyone interested in knowing how to create a website
4. Programs Language:
5. About Trainer
Riccardo Corrado, Ph.D.
Dr. Riccardo Corrado received the “Laurea” degree (BSc) in Electronics Engineering curr. Telecommunications from the University of Trieste (Italy) in 2009 where he also received in 2011 the “Laurea” degree (MSc) in Telecommunications Engineering. In the same University, in 2016, he was awarded of the title of “Dottore di Ricerca” (Ph.D.) in the Information Engineering in the Department of Engineering and Architecture. In 2013, he granted a scholarship from CNIT (National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications) within the field of low complexity access techniques for streaming applications. His research interests involve video encoding and wireless ad hoc networking. He participated in a few international conferences in Europe and he was the author and co-author of few international journal papers. In 2017 he worked for several months in the automating software test group in the IT department of Allianz S.p.A., one of the leader Insurance companies in the world. At the moment, he is a lecturer in the Computer Science Department of Zaman University, holding the course of Computer Networks, together with other CS and MIS courses.
Duration and Program Schedule
1 Weekend (8 hours)
Sat 21.04.2018
Sat 21.04.2018
Sat 21.04.2018
Sun 22.04.2018
7. Training Program Includes
(What will be included with the training program?)
·         Each day one time of refreshment
·         Participation Certificate / Training Certificate
·         Document
8. Completion Rules
It is necessary to participate in the whole program to receive the participation certificate.
9. Program Fee
·         Registering paid is 110 USD per person
·         Excluded VAT 10%
·         Special discount for group registration
Deadline Registration: 7th April 2018
10. Registration Information
Phone: +855 23 996 111;  +855 17 996 111
Address: Zaman University, No:8, st:315, Boeng Kak 1, TK, Phnom Penh