1. Change Management

Professional Training Program on
Change Management
with professional education certificate
(March 2019)
1. Program's Objectives/Expectation:                              
(What is the importance of this training? / Why should you attend this course?)
In a fast integrating global business context, intensified competition accelerates the obsolescence of companies’ competitive advantages. Products and services life cycles are getting shorter; organizational and cultural adjustments are more and more frequent. As a matter of fact, failure to change has become a recipe for disaster. Consequently, change management is now a core leadership skill to be acquired – like strategic planning, communication, problem solving and people management – and that sharp managers can’t afford to ignore.
At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
The Change Management Workshop will empower the participants with the ability to deal with resistance to change. Participants will be able to understand the nature of organizational change and of the resistance it triggers. They will learn how to limit, pick up, manage and mitigate resistance to change.
The Change Management Workshop is most useful for General Managers, senior executives and other (ambitious) managers who have the duty and authority to design and lead critical transformation projects in their organizations.
2. Program's Content:
(What this training program includes?)
·        Transforming Organizations: Why firms fail to change?
·       Successful Change and the Force that Drives it.
·       Change is a Process (with 8 stages)
·       Change is a Journey: assessing barriers and enablers.
·       Managing the stakeholders: purpose and approach.
·       Managing resistance: “50 reasons why it won’t work” and the trust formula.
·       Creating and implementing a business case for change.
·       Communicating the change vision.
·       Change Management case studies.
·       Change Management, Leadership and Continuous learning.
3. Target Audience:
(Who is this training program for? / Who should attend the program?)
·         General Managers
·         Project Managers
·         Executives
·         Fast trackers (high potential talents)
4. Programs Language:
5. About Trainer
Gaël CAMPAN, Ph.D.
Gaël Campan is an economics Ph.D. with over 10 years’ experience as CEO in emerging markets for listed and non-listed companies. He is also a full-fledged change management expert having helped blue chip companies across several industries to create hundreds of millions of dollars in value over 8 years of consulting (first with the number one consulting company in Europe, then with his own consulting boutique). Finally, he is also an amazon best-selling author and a contributor to scientific reviews and newspaper editorials. He is based in Cambodia since 2008 when he launched the Beeline mobile operator which transformed the telecommunication landscape in the country.
6. Duration and Program Schedule
8 Days (24 hours)

1 month / 4 Saturdays (16 hours)

     Date                   Time

02.03.2019         09.00-11.00

02.03.2019         12.00-14.00

09.03.2019         09.00-11.00

09.03.2019         12.00-14.00

16.03.2019         09.00-11.00

16.03.2019         12.00-14.00

23.03.2019         09.00-11.00

23.03.2019         12.00-14.00

7. Training Program Includes
(What will be included with the training program?

·  1 Lunch break each training day

·   4 Refreshments (coffee, water, cookies) each training day

·   Participation Certificate / Training Certificate

·   Change Management Handbook

8.Completion Rules
It is necessary to participate in the whole program to receive the professional education certificate.
9. Program Fee

- Registering Fee is 880 USD per person

- Excluded VAT 10%

- Special discount for group registration

10. Registration Deadline: 22nd February 2019
11. Registration Information
Phone: +855 23 996 111 ;  +855 17 996 111
Address: Zaman University, No:8, st:315, Boeng Kak 1, TK, Phnom Penh